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A month ago we ordered a ring with an .80 center stone, J color and VS2 clarity.We received a .73 center stone totally yellow color we got an appraisal done and it was a R-S color.

I cannot describe our outrage, we called them and they try to up sell an upgrade!We got our money back.

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I would never leave a considerably size stone with great clarity and color with a jeweler to be sized or cleaned.Clarity can start at If internal flawless ,vvs vvs1 vvs2 vs.

1 vs2 si si1 si2 si3 color e,f,g,h,i,j,k, Sounds like you had pretty good clarity j color is more yellowish. Have read stories of nice stones switched out for a lesser grade diamond. Was the stone certified by an GIA. stones can also be laser inscribed with serial numbers so the customers knows the stone they receive back was not switched.

One thing I never do is leave a great diamond or stone.

Wait for repairs if you can stand and watch the repair never ever send a stone alone!Anything past k in color leave alone.

Southaven, Mississippi, United States #890531

Well they did you better than what they didto us.They told us to send it in and they would make it right.we sent it in and they said the package was empty, so fed-ex requested the empty container, and primestyle would not give it to them.

I am out of $8000. Unless I hire an attorney.

John white from mississippi.john762424@yahoo.com

to john #1078964

This is so sad. What happened??

to john #1152456

If you are gonna pay over $500 to somebody...Don't.

Go into town or a large metro city and purchase your item.. Never that much money online!!! And so a review search of any company before you send all that cash. How many fake stuff is out there?

It's over a billion. You can't hit and miss with eBay but only with people with 98% and higher rating.

And read the reviews.Save yourself heartache and an empty wallet of your hard earned money!!!

to Piggy Tampa, Florida, United States #1187602

I only pay with pay-pal or a credit card

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